Monday, April 25, 2011

Episode 6: We Should've Got The Live Chicken

On this #winning episode of Irresponsible Random Chatter, to honor the start of the Major League Baseball Season, we indulge in tiger blood and follow Charlie Sheen and the Cleveland Indians in search of a playoff berth. With us tonight is Drobro, Moe Fwacky, Decius, Peetsnack, Jaiden, and Burnttoast.

In addition to our normal show we debut our first podcast commentary drinking game. The rules are outlined during the beginning of the episode. Note, the game was conceived after the recording of the episode so please know your limits if you want to achieve warlock greatest.

It is also not recommended to use full shots of hard liquor.. ehm, Catboy (Hall of Fame Inductee).

Episode 6: We Should've Got The Live Chicken

- 10 Gallon Warp Core Breach
- Windows Vista Talking Rain Drink
- The Sportscenter Altar

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